No.13 Dress Barrack Dress Jumper Order Non Parade – Officer

  • Shirt – Light khaki coloured officers’ shirt, purchased from Glover and Rydings (non-issue) with officers’ silk woven tie, purchased from Ammo Company (non-issue).
  • Trousers – No 2 Dress Prince of Wales’s Division Infantry Pattern
  • Guernsey – Officers Regimental Pattern Buff coloured roll neck Guernsey. Same colour cloth shoulder straps bearing gunmetal badges of rank and MERCIAN shoulder title with Special Arm Badge on Upper Right Arm. No stable belt to be worn over jumper.
  • Rank Badges – ¾” bronze/gunmetal badges of rank worn directly on to epaulettes
  • Footwear – Brown shoes with dark khaki socks.
  • Headdress – If the individual officer wishes, a side hat can be worn.
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